The Dugout operates as a community supported space to provide for those who are less-fortunate.  Without the support of our sponsors, be it private donors or generous local businesses, we would not be able to offer the services to our patrons that we are able to now.

Every donation, no matter how small, goes a long way to serving those on the Downtown Eastside. 

There are two ways to donate, by cheque or by using the donate button below. We are happy to issue tax receipts on all donations over $20.


To send us a cheque, simply make the cheque out to “The Dugout Drop-In Centre Society” and mail or deliver it to us at 59 Powell Street, Vancouver B.C.  V6A 1E9.

Online Donations

To make an online donation, please click the icon below.  Additionally, please specify whether you would like a tax receipt, and to whom we should make the receipt.               Donations | Powell River Public Library

Thank you!

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